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Name:Expatriate Darkleer
Birthdate:Jan 10

> Be The Archer

Actually, your name is DARKLEER. Just Darkleer. If someone would insist on providing some sort of formal title for you, then you suppose you would go with Engineer Darkleer.

The fact that you do not prefer either Executor or Expatriate shows the many changes that have come over you since you arrived in the UNDERWATER CITY OF VATHEON. It is a jamjar game that mixes a mysterious plot and simple life together, but as you are not the kind of character that regularly breaks the fourth wall, you know only of it as KIND OF A RELAXED PRISON AND ALSO AN EXPERIMENTAL CHAMBER. This bothers you a great deal considering the harm it causes your loved ones, but you are also incredibly thankful. If you had stayed on Alternia, you would probably just have spent the rest of your long life HIDING AWAY IN A CAVE LIKE THE BEST HERMIT IN EXISTENCE.

In Vatheon, you do not live a hermit-like lifestyle at all! You live with two other individuals, YOU DESCENDENT EQUIUS ZAHHAK and his matesprit GAMZEE MAKARA. By this point, you consider them both very close and have taken to using HUMAN FAMILIAL TERMINOLOGY in reference to them. You yourself also have a steady matesprit, the Second Rebellion leader SUMMONER LYSUNDER. While you have not made too many friends, you have a few PLEASANT ACQUAINTANCES and bizarrely good luck with YOUNG CHILDREN AND ADULTS. You are still not too entirely sure why that latter fact is.

You have a few TREASURED POSSESSIONS stored away in your sylladex, some brought from Alternia and some gained in the city. First and foremost is your bow, ARCHERMEDES, which you made specially for yourself and is capable of quite a few things, not the least being some IMPRESSIVE DAMAGE. Another item you have inside your sylladex is a POSSESSIONS CHEST where you keep important things close to your bloodpumper that few will ever see. There are various other items you have with you, such as armor and engineering equipment, but that is it for the most part. In Vatheon, you have gotten various other things, two of the most important being A BOOK AND #1 DAD MUG from your 'sons'. There is also DURAL, who was the lusus of one of your previous matesprits and who you have partnered with for a LONG TIME.

These days, when you are not building a miniature army of robots and engaging in minimum socializing, you WORK AT A SMALL BOOKSHOP and also awkwardly keep an eye out for any POTENTIAL MOIRAILS. The former is because you need the funds to continue building robots. The latter is because more than a few have AGREED YOU NEED IT.

Besides all these emotional changes, you have gained a few physical ones as well. At your matesprit's (fairly drunken) request, you have decided to GROW YOUR HAIR OUT, even if it is already at a considerable length. You have a few scars over one eye when THE DISCIPLE ATTACKED YOU IN PANIC, and they still cause some minor confusion whenever you see them. You have managed to get used to these changes, somewhat.

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